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A good professional pizza oven cleaning can be messy and very time consuming if you didn’t start if from day one. As with all other commercial kitchen equipment you need to have a schedule on when to clean what. In many cases larger equipment is not thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis, but highly recommended. Your pizza oven cleaning could prevent even a fire*.

Many cooks will take a towel to wipe down the front of the unit so it doesn’t look that bad. This is really not enough, inside, outside and places you do not see such as under the shamotte stones (tiles) and especially the vent are important. Make sure you can look through your viewing window, sounds silly but about 60% of them are so messy that you will waste energy (opening and closing the door to see how far the product is) because you can’t see through the viewing window.  Inside of the chamber, this is a little easier. Many cooks will take a wet towel and swish it in the inside, yes this works. Others will utilize a pizza oven cleaning brush which also works better, nonetheless you should from time to time lift up the stones in your oven and clean underneath. This is especially beneficial if you bake your own breads or pizzas without a pan. This is very rarely done as the stones weigh a lot. There are many options on pizza oven cleaning supplies, talk to your local commercial kitchen equipment store to see what they have available. Most units are stainless steel on the outside and therefore a good stainless steel cleaner is recommended for the outside. Pizza oven cleaning on the inside, turn the oven on a very high temperature then use the brush, a good pizzaoven brush has a very long handle and 2 different sides. One to scrape of the larger spills of tomato sauce or other liquids and the other has hard steel bristles, after using both sides take an old wet** towel and wrap it around the brush and wipe down the stones.

*Now one very important issue on the professional pizza oven cleaning is the vent, yes it is not easy to get to because it is in the back. The vent is installed right into the exhaust system which traps most of the grease and a dirty and full exhaust can cause fires and therefore it’s very important to have this on the weekly schedule.

**be careful and do NOT drip water on any electronics nor drench your pizzaoven, you may get electrocuted. Everything has to be done in moderation. Please read and/or consult with the manufacturer on how to conduct a good and thorough pizza oven cleaning.